Corporate Name Yamabun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Head Office 2-13, Shinjonishi, Higashiosaka City, Osaka, 578-0964
Contact Information TEL: +81-6-6745-3048 
FAX: +81-6-6745-8482
Representative President Keiji Fukumura
Founding February, 1971
Establishment April, 1984
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Shareholders Kurabo 100% (Kurabo Industries Ltd.)
Business Description
  • 1. Manufacture and sales of thickness measuring equipment
  • 2. Manufacture and sales of thickness controller and related equipment
  • 3. Incidental work of the above equipment
Employees 19(as of April 2023)
Bank MUFG Bank Ltd., Imazato-Kita Branch


2‐13, Shinjonishi, Higashiosaka City,
Osaka, 578‐0964

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Yamabun Electronics is a thickness measuring system manufacturing specialist.

First Thickness Measuring System

As a devoted plastic film and sheet thickness measuring system manufacturing specialist Yamabun is dedicated to the development of thickness measuring systems and the contribution in high quality functionality and resource saving of plastic film and sheeting.

Founded in 1971 as Yamabun Electronics & Co. the company started with design and manufacture of electrical equipment for food container vacuum-forming machines. From this they discovered that the thickness of plastic sheeting greatly affected the molded container's quality and thus undertook the development of thickness measuring systems in 1986.

In 1990 a contact-type thickness measuring system was launched. Development continued to meet customer demand and in 1993 the first non-contact type a laser-type thickness measuring system was completed. Since then Yamabun’s thickness measuring systems have been used in the chemical industry the packaging industry the energy industry (LiB solar batteries etc.) the optical and LCD industry extrusion and coating manufacturers and many others with the number of shipments exceeding 1400. In 2016 we celebrated 30 years as a thickness measuring system manufacturing specialist and shares for Yamabun’s thickness measuring systems in the plastics industry are currently top in Japan.

We aim to continue the challenge of manufacturing desired products.

Exhibited at K2013 (Dusseldorf Germany)

To grasp the needs of our customers and also for the development of new products every year Yamabun actively participates in exhibitions in relation to the plastics industry and strives to spread and collect information. Starting in 1991 with the Osaka Pack exhibition we have been receiving high evaluation at the Convertech Expo IPF Japan FilmTech etc.

We have also participated abroad in the K Trade Fair (the world's biggest show by the rubber and plastics industries held in Dusseldorf Germany once every three years) as a representative of Japanese thickness measuring system business since 1998.

Yamabun’s thickness measuring system is also used by ASEAN and EU the Middle East and South America. As the needs of our customers become more diversified Yamabun will aim to be the best manufacturer of thickness measuring systems by keeping our sights on producing desired products.



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